Conservatives can’t trust DC insiders like Maryland native
Alex Mooney.

The same big-money DC Club that tried to tear down President Trump is now propping up Maryland Mooney.

Tweet from Donald J. Trump: The club for no growth, an essemblage of political misfits, globalists, and losers, fought me incessantly and rather viciously during my presidential run in 2016. They said I couldn't win, I did and won even bigger in 2020, with millions of more votes than 16 but the election was rigged and stollen. They asked to get together on Endorsements of candidates, we did, and they had many wins and no losses. Relationship broke up over my endorsement of certain great people in Alabama and Ohio. I won them all

Source: Truth Social, 2/7/23

They promised him $10 million so … Maryland Mooney joined the DC Club.

Spend up to $10 million on behalf of U.S. Rep. Alex Mooney... Source: The Parkersburg News and Sentinel 11/30/23

West Virginia Conservatives Deserve Better Than
Maryland Mooney.